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Welcome to the Nkumu Fed Fed website which is dedicated to providing you with valuable information, updates and an opportunity to partner with a women’s based organisation that has invested great efforts since 1982 in empowering the less privileged Cameroonian women and the girl-child in remote communities. Nkumu Fed Fed recognizes that women and children especially the girl-child in rural communities of Cameroon continue to constitute the most vulnerable in the face of ardent poverty, prevailing traditional systems with discriminatory practices. This situation is exacerbated with the increasing state of insecurity and terrorist attacks in Cameroon and neighboring countries that target women and the girl child from very poor communities.

These have greatly hampered efforts to empower vulnerable communities which make up the majority of the population and thus present a great threat to the nation’s development efforts.

Nkumu Fed Fed today with a membership of over 200 women in dedicated service is committed to reversing this trend as it seeks to promote access to education, health and ensure a secure livelihood for women and the children and most importantly advocates in defence of the human rights of women and child victims of human trafficking and other forms of abuse and in promotion of policy reforms.

Nkumu Fed Fed is working in collaboration with a wide range of national and international government and non-government organisations, individuals and local community groups to improve the livelihood of vulnerable women and children who today constitute a large majority of the population with great opportunities for contributing in the development of their communities and the nation building process.

We welcome you to join the Nkumu Fed Fed women at the service of the vulnerable and underprivileged women and young girls in rural communities. Be a partner, through this website, in giving hope to millions as you change the lives of millions in remote communities.



Soft-Tect Free Landing Page

Nkumu Fed Fed aims at empowering underprivileged and vulnerable groups in society with a focus on women and the girl child of rural communities, as a means of fighting poverty and guaranteeing equity in social and economic development. .

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