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The 2012-2015 leadership is as stated in the table below:

Name No. Tel. Email Branch Function
Helen Lega Tata 677421400 Bamenda President General
Helen Galega 699970300 Yaounde Vice President General
Eunice Tita Tata 677375598 Bamenda Secretary General
Beatrice Fogam Gwetang Feh 677776464 Limbe Minutes Secretary
Andin Tita 674227385 Limbe Vice Minutes Secretary
Getrude Njinjoh 677451900 Bamenda Financial Secretary
Christina Tankoh 677668525 Bamenda Treasurer
Mariana Tita Gwenjeng 677537169 Buea Public Relations Officer
Elizabeth Mecaly 677779480 Yaounde Social Secretary
Emma Fonkem 677758335 Yaounde Adviser
Bertha Titanji 6675038655 Bamenda Adviser
Prudence Galega 677976367 Bamenda Adviser
Helen Gwanfogbe 677762710 Bamenda Adviser
Rofina Mutia Limbe Pioneer President
Helen Andin 699297648 Bamenda Branch President Bamenda
Irene Dione Sama-Lang 677547313 Buea Branch President Buea
Victorine TIGHA LANG 677547313 Douala Branch President Douala
Martha Pufong 677825436 Yaounde Branch President Yaounde
Beatrice Fogam Gwetang Feh 677776464 Limbe Branch President Limbe
Elizabeth Dinga 677722104 Kumba Branch President Kumba
Emmerencia Ashu-Egbe 677722104 Germany Branch President Germany
Emmerencia Ashu-Egbe 491631900980 Germany Branch President Germany
Justine Njafuh 202-492-0467 Washington D.C Branch President Washington D.C
Victorine Lumafor Yangni 832-228-4057 Texas Branch President Texas
Kah Nasima Edith Fogam 405-204-2719 Oklahoma Branch President Oklahoma
Justine Fogam 917-902-0412 Delaware Branch President Delaware
Nina Sikod UK Branch President UK

Soft-Tect Free Landing Page

Nkumu Fed Fed aims at empowering underprivileged and vulnerable groups in society with a focus on women and the girl child of rural communities, as a means of fighting poverty and guaranteeing equity in social and economic development. .

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PO BOX : 126, Bali-MEZAM, North West Region -Cameroon

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Phone : +237 665 912 768

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